Fine art editions of artwork created on location using an iPad to capture the quality of shifting light, color, and season in the uniquely natural and urban setting of the Los Angeles River.

     Griffin continues the tradition of the Impressionists who brought their easels and paint tubes out of their studios and into the open air. Working outside in this way allows him to quickly observe and define a dynamic relationship of color, form and scale.

     Sitting somewhere between David Hockney’s iPad paintings and Jonas Wood’s use of simplified color to describe form, these works speak to a process of observation and distillation where color and subject are the foremost concern. These snapshot like paintings serve as a long exposure of the artist’s attention, focus and humility towards his subject. Here scenes contrasting the biodiversity of plants, trees, wildlife embedded within the neglected treatment of the channelized Los Angeles River define how we relate and interact with nature in a polluted and recovering urban ecosystem.